Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love a Haiku!

I...love a haiku!
Fun to count the syllables
Fun to think up words

I...love a haiku!
Iambic pentameter
Also improves it

Ok,ok, serious haiku by serious writers: 
(first in phonetic Japanese, and then the English translations:

me wa yoko ni
hana wa tate nari
haru no hana

Eyes, back and forth, 
nose, up and down - 
the flowers of spring!
- Onitsura (1600-1738)

yuyami ni
mi o sagaseruka
eda no tori

Birds on the branches
in the evening darkness - 
can they find berries?
- Sasabune (contemporary)

I have no idea what the attraction to haiku is, but I love to read it and write it.  I think it must be a smidgeon of poetry, intermingled with some WordPuzzleGameQuizVocabularyFuntime in my wee head.

Feel free to add your own, here or on your own blog.  And really?  No grades here - just fun and funny Haiku Time.  I celebrate it often...

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Louise Plummer said...

A haiku from nature for you on my blog--

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