Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dog Tales

This morning, coffee cup in hand, I took the dogs out to the pasture for their sunrise jaunt.  I strolled along, sipping my coffee, while the dogs gamboled about.  Biserka is a dainty, albeit large, dog that tends towards prancing rather than bounding - bounding describes the bloodhound's movement.  

This morning Biserka suddenly took chase after a cottontail.  This is not her normal behavior.  I thought to myself, What are you going to do if you catch it?  Biserka would have no idea what to do with a rabbit.

Further down our path, I spied a large bone.  Actually, it was two long, slender bones, joined by...a joint.  I can only imagine that it was remnant of a fawn, sadly, because I can't think of another animal who has long slender leg bones.  I walked past it, but Biserka perked right up when she came upon it.  I thought, Great - she's going to pick up that nasty bone.  But no, Biserka did just what only Biserka would do: she lay down on her back and rolled all over the bone(s).  Roll, roll, roll, get those bone germs all over!!

And then the bloodhound bounded by.  And did a double-take when he caught the scent.  And he did what the normal dog might do: he picked the bone(s) up in his mouth and carried them away.

For the next half hour, he skulked around in the deepest grass in the pasture, bones hanging out of either side of his mouth, looking for someplace to bury his treasure.  Anytime he caught me looking at him, he would move further out of sight.  Finally he disappeared down towards the creek.  I headed back up to the house with Biserka.

After some time, the bloodhound came back to the house, and as he approached, I could see he was still carrying the treasure, both ends hanging out of the sides of his mouth.  But...wait!  WHAT?!!

Mais oui!

The bloodhound had carried home a french baguette.  

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Gill said...

Those puppies are so funny!

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