Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good ol' Summertime

The forecast for the week is a high of 101º each day.

NOAA is wrong.

Their official airport is reading 104º right now: 6:09 PM. It looks to be a fun week.

What does one do during a week like this? Different people have different devices.

I have been getting up at 5:00-5:30 each morning, having my coffee and then hopping on my bike for a ride in the sunrise. It's not too bad. I have been doing it for summers and summers, it seems. I always feel better for having done it, and that is the only impetus for venturing out for an activity that is going to make a sweat trickle down my back.

We have been watering anything in the yard that looks viable outside. And of course this is the week that the local greenhouses and garden centers (not the huge national box stores that only sell petunias and marigolds - the local folk who know what grows best in my garden) are slashing their prices on perennials and gorgeous annuals. So I visit one greenhouse here, and another garden center there, and my personal mental requirement is that I may only purchase as much as I can transplant in the next 48 hours. Or, conversely, anything purchased must be transplanted within 48 hours. (The former works better to reign in my overenthusiastic landscaping imagination.)

The animals are inactive. I have spotted one haggard-looking hummingbird at our feeders. Even our garden toads can be found sitting, just sitting droopily in any pool of water that can be found.

Dog days.

diēs caniculārēs

la canicule


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Gill said...

If you walk to the top of my little mountain, you can see hordes of hummingbirds up there. I haven't seen them anywhere else here, and Graham and I were both surprised because we had never seen hummingbirds stop at anything other than a feeder before.

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