Thursday, July 07, 2011

Birds: Part Two

Two nights ago we were teased by high winds. I say teased, because even though I really don't like storms, we all were sure looking forward to some rain. We got the wind, but no rain. So much wind, in fact, that we found two baby mourning doves (we think) sitting in a daze under our pine tree yesterday evening. They're at about the same development as the baby barn swallows: capable of flying just far enough and slow enough to lure a cat into playing cat/bird, with fatal outcomes.

Last night we put the baby doves into a large tub and set it high in our bike barn. This morning the babies were out of the tub, and looking a little hot and pathetic. I decided, like the baby swallows, to send them into Nature's way and see what will happen. Mother Nature is better at this than I am.

I picked up the two little guys and headed out to our orchard. I have several birdhouses in amongst branches out there, and I knew of one peach tree which held an empty house. I filled it with grass, tucked the two baby doves in there, and now we will see what happens.

Last night we could not see or hear any mourning doves,
but this morning I did hear one calling.
I bet she is in mourning for real.

On a happy note, here is a nest of four robin's eggs, also out by our orchard,
in an oak tree:
The mother robin stood on a limb about five feet away from me while I took these pictures, none to happy.
She hopped back on the nest as soon as I carried the ladder away.

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