Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ah! Buck!

Tonight as I made my way through the last 2 miles of the 9-hour drive home from Breckenridge, I busied my thoughts at the tall corn (corn can grow an inch or so each day, and boy, it did!), and a myriad of other thoughts which I had not yet encountered in my fun fun day. I chanced to see a sight most others will miss in their entire life: Two giant (my adjective) bucks standing out in the soybeans. Big ol' bucks - big antlers, and all. So, so pretty. I pulled over, hit my hazards, fumbled for my purse, my camera in my purse, turned it on, fumbled to manually open the "automatic" shutter (ha ha), and when I got the camera up to my eye all that was to be seen were two tails, heading off into the woods.

Well. They were magnificent.


Gill said...

Maybe we should make a second go for your birthday camera?

Amy said...

You sure have had quite the deer experiences lately!

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