Monday, August 10, 2009


So here's a continuation of a theme:

Not 24 hours after the Boy nailed his deer (and subsequently totaled his Jeep), I was driving down the highway with one of the Daughters and that Spouse o' Mine. He was fiddling with two pairs of sunglasses in his lap. What was he doing? What was he doing? What in the world was he doing with the two pairs of sunglasses in his lap? (This is the thought process which goes on in my a legible thought bubble perpetually running a conversation with itself...)

I moved my eyes back to the road, only soon enough to say "OH NO!!" and no sooner. BAM!

I smashed into a chest of drawers in the middle of the highway.

Uh oh.

But that's not accurate: it was a drawer to a chest of drawers. And it was indeed past tense, because the thing splintered upon impact. I looked over at that Spouse o' Mine, and he muttered SOMETHING under his breath, I know not what. I looked over the dials and lights on the dashboard which tell me everything and even MORE than I ever want to know about what is going on in, out, under and through the car, and nothing lit up or rolled back or came on to tell me anything. So I kept driving. (I think I might have said "Oops!", but I kept the conversation to a minimum.)

That Spouse o' Mine clearly had had enough of all things car that day (because early that morning we had to go fetch the dead Jeep out of the cornfield and tow it home, then put our wedding finery on and drive 5 hours to a friend's wedding.) So he was probably more in a state of escape than in actual fatigue when he fell asleep as I continued driving down the long long highway. Soon, I heard a flap-flap-flap-flap from under the car. That Spouse o' Mine woke up and frowned a large frown. I said, "Shall I stop?" And he muttered SOMETHING under his breath, I know not what. So we stopped and all three of us stepped out of the car, and lookie there, there was a long piece of something which had gotten knocked off the front of the car, just below the bumper. Uh oh. And I spied that large frown again.

We threw the car piece into the car and continued on down the road to our happy happy weekend.

I hope I am accurate in saying:


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