Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So this evening husband Paul & I were discussing holidays. Specifically, Mother's Day and Father's Day. We were in agreement regarding our thoughts that these two holidays, while very, very nice, are indeed "Hallmark" holidays and we both agreed that both Mother's & Father's Days don't HAVE to be set on the Sundays designated for them; any day can be Mother's Day. Any day can be Father's Day.

But then, uh-oh! BIG BIG UH-OH!!!!

Paul takes it a bit further (bad, bad turn) and says that Valentine's Day is exactly the same.

WHOA, BUCKO!! Valentine's Day is #2 in my holiday book, only behind my favorite of winter/Christmas...I LOVE the winter months. NOTHING can compete. Cold weather, Christmas, and swiftly followed by Happy Happy Valentines.

So there.

He has been reminded. (He should really already know this; 25+years of happy pink things going on morning, noon, and night on February 14th.)

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xpda said...

Why would you want to celebrate a massacre?

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