Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Wabaunsee Votes!

Here in Wabaunsee County, rural Kansas, people have to drive miles to get to the polling place.  I say place, singular.  I am not sure that's accurate, but I do know for a fact that it USED to be plural: polling places, because we once only had to walk down the road to the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church to cast our ballots.  Then someone in the know decided to make us Wabaunsee city limits folk drive to the Wabaunsee county seat twelve miles away to vote.  I'd vote that as poor judgement - I wonder if a lot of the people who live around us don't drive the twelve miles to go vote in most elections.  It means that people like that Spouse o' Mine must head south for twelve miles, return, then head west for twenty miles to work.  There are worse things, I suppose.

Daughter Gillian came in last night from Kansas City so that she could vote this morning.  She and I drove to the county seat, to the American Legion Building.  Parked right out front of the American Legion was a pickup truck with a day-old calf lying in the back.  Typical day in Wabaunsee County.

The American Legion building is about as large as our living room.  It has three electronic booths and four "paper" booths.  There was not a line to vote, so we got in and out in just a matter of minutes. I goofed up on one vote: I voted to continue to tax boats in Kansas.  (Pressing issues like tax fraud and abortion do not come up, but taxing boaters in the land-locked state of Kansas does.)  Actually, I didn't REALLY goof up.  But Gillian pointed out that if I indeed acquire a sailboat anytime soon, I will have taxed myself on it.  Oops.  Again, there are worse things.

I am thankful for three things today: A) The time change didn't seem to bother me as much as it has ALWAYS done in the past.  B) I had a good cello lesson today: new music.  {It's as exciting at 52 as it was back in 5th grade piano lessons.}  C)  Election Day: 1.5 hours to go, here in rural Kansas. 

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