Friday, November 02, 2012

An Eve of Eaves

Last night we lost internet.  And phone, too, according to the telecom company, but we weren't aware of that.  Still, this morning, no internet, and even into mid-afternoon.  I broke down and called them - numerous times, since their line was busy or nonfunctioning.  I finally reached a human, and he and I walked through the modem setup numerous times, internet.

I have to interject here that a few years back my computer got a bad bad virus on it.  My bother Bob in Oklahoma said to bring down there next time I came and he would look at it.  He rid the hard drive of bad things.  He added a new dimension to my computer as well.  Brothers will be brothers will be brothers, even when we are in adulthood and should act age-appropriately.  What he added was a new sound which comes on anytime I shut down or restart my computer:  The voice of a woman's blood-curdling scream:


I never remember that it is on there - I rarely shut down my computer. 

So I had this telecom guy on speaker phone and he suggested that the next step would be to unplug power supplies and shut down my computer.  So I did.


"My gosh!" 

"That wasn't me!" I exclaimed.

"My gosh!" the telecom man repeated. "I thought you electrocuted yourself!"

And it wasn't even Halloween.

This early evening I had a sink full of dirty dishes staring me in the face, and eaves full of leaves staring me down from above.  I opted for the eaves of leaves, and carried one of our extra-tall ladders out from the barn and up the sides of the house.

And so, November 2nd, I am thankful that I have the ability to scamper up and down an extra-tall ladder.

Many, many times.

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Gill said...

That is so funny!

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