Sunday, November 04, 2012

Not Much Longer!

Daughter Claire sent me a humorous link regarding the election.  It showed people being interviewed while standing in line to see their candidate in Denver.  It could have been uninformed voters for either candidate.  The link was funny.  But it also made me want to shake people till their teeth rattle. 

I cannot stand some of the things I hear on the news and on the street.  I will  be the very very first to admit I am not educated on all of the issues in the presidential debates, but I sure do try my best to ask questions and look online to find out some numbers and facts and answers. 

And, as I have always taught our kids: Question statistics, ALWAYS.  Statistics have malleable properties which are often hammered and honed into falsehoods, for all the wrong reasons.

And finally, I hope that I, and all the voting Americans, continue to keep apprised of the federal and political situation well into the next four years.  No complacency, no moss-growing.  It would be nice if all the people out there who can cast a vote this week make sure they are educated enough to know what the issues are, and not what the press and two political parties might want to lead us to believe are the "big deals".

Tonight, the 4th of November, I am thankful that I get to vote in two days.  This can be taken two ways:

A) I am thankful that we Americans vote for our chosen leaders.


B) I am thankful that the Presidential election is very nearly at its end.

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Louise Plummer said...

B more than A right now, although in Utah it's pretty much a done deal.

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