Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

That Spouse o' Mine and I went to visit the newlyweds this weekend: DC and Richmond.  Fun, fun time.  We left Kansas City in the wee hours before dawn one day, and arrived in DC before most things were even open.  But we are adventurers, and we were hungry ones.  We took the Metro from the airport to Union Station in DC, and hoofed it many blocks to China Town for some brunch (morning Foo Yung, anyone?)  I was the one who whined that I needed some China Town food that early in the morning.  It was calling my name.

We wandered and meandered around DC and the Capitol.

Preparing for January's inauguration:

 In the Botanical Gardens:  where my chocolate chips come from:

 Vanilla plant: where those funny vanilla beans grow:
 In late afternoon we boarded a train for Richmond.  I fell asleep as soon as I got on the train.  I love trains.  I love them in Europe, I love them here.  Train travel beats airline travel hands-down nowdays.  The seats are comfy.  One has elbow room.  Leg room galore!  One is free to move about the cabin cars (plural!) whenever one feels compelled, with no frowns or barcarts following in hot pursuit.  There is no baggage compliance nonsense. Hungry?  Just sally on down to the meal car any time you pleaseORDER YOUR CHOICE FROM THE MENU

I cannot believe the great U.S. of A. does not have an intercontinental railway system east to west, north to south.   I would be train-travelling every weekend of the year, if it did.

During the weekend we went sightseeing: Maymount.  It's a mansion.  A park.  A really nice 100-acre. Victorian home.

Gorgeous fall colors.  Claire says the trees were at peak two weeks ago.  Wow; this is not peak?
 "Claire, can you make sure that old house is in the photo?"
 "We were talking.  Take another one."
 "Did you get the house back there in the photo?"
One more...Oh!  Ha ha!  Wait!!!
 Wait another minute!
Pinecone gathering.  Because that's what we do.

Why is it we 50+'s feel the urge to climb trees? 

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Gill said...

Ah! I love those photos! Hilarious!

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