Saturday, November 03, 2012

Family Ties

It's Kansas State vs Oklahoma State tonight in football.

I do not watch football.  I don't enjoy the physical violence.  That Spouse o' Mine does not enjoy my questions.  We two are happier if I do not pretend to be a football fan.

But, I love my alma mater Oklahoma State University.  My parents went there, my grandmother and great aunts and uncles went there.  My brothers, my sister, cousins, nieces and nephews have graduated from OSU.  Heck, that Spouse o' Mine came from Australia to earn his Masters at OSU.  That's four generations and a spouse!  After graduating from OSU, I moved far away, and then even farther away from Oklahoma.  After marriage, we moved EVEN FARTHER away (if that is even possible; I suppose, the Middle East is EVEN FARTHER.)

But chickens do come home to roost, and so we did.  We spent seven wonderful years back at OSU, when our kids were in early elementary.  It was home to me.

A job change led us to this next state north, where all things are purple.  We Armstrongs are most certainly a minority.  So my bright orange flag is hanging out on our porch - a sacrilege in this world of purple we live in here in Kansas State Wildcat territory.


Today, November 3rd, what am I thankful for?

Heavens, NOT football.  I am thankful for a family heritage and history that I can trace - even beyond Oklahoma State University.  That Spouse o' Mine once commented that it was not the norm to have three volumes written on one's family history - but it sure is a comfortable feeling.  Roots are nice, and some people have no idea what their family did, even two generations ago.  So, this is my thankfulness on November 3rd.

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