Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, No More:


I awoke early with the zenith that today would be the day I collected daughter Gillian at the the Kansas City Airport.  For her, this would be: Kansas City-Seattle-China-Seattle-Denver-Richmond-Kansas City, all in a summer's season.  What fun!  What fun for her!

And for me...I decided that today would be a stellar day of city life before hitting the airport zone lines.  I would visit the Nelson Atkins Museum, the Plaza, the Zona Rosa, and still get to the airport in time to collect said daughter.  

And I did it! 

The museum was wonderful.  I decided to spend time in an exhibit that I normally zip through (ceramics/porcelain), and I actually learned a few things.  Terms.  Dates.  Styles.  History.

I wanted to lunch at the museum, but the wait was so long, I opted out. On to the Plaza.  I shopped a bit, and headed on to the Zona Rosa.  Lovely day.  I needed this.

From there , I headed to American Airlines, and sat for 20+minutes, awaiting Gillian's arrival.  Instead of the normal "early arrival", her flight was 25 minutes late, and I sat SWELTERING in the car, waiting for her to appear.

Now, tonight, all is well.  Daughter is got, and there are thunderheads in the midst.


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