Saturday, August 11, 2012


I debated with myself, which subject to write upon this evening:  Chick-Fila, or the Olympics?

I opted for the easier (for me):  the Olympics.

I am a positive soul - a very Positive Polly, if you will.  But I did not watch very much of the NBC Olympic coverage of the games this year.  In part, because I am not interested in a lot of the sports offered for our viewing enjoyment.  Badminton: Nope.  Synchronized Swimming: Nope.  Women's Boxing: Big NOPE.  And it goes on.

I enjoyed Olympic Tennis, Equestrian (Showjumping and Dressage), Cycling, Wrestling, and most of all: Track & Field.

I really disliked that there were so many ads on during the events.  And during Track & Field?  Omigoodness, WHO was in charge of scheduling, may I ask?!  Now, I will admit, we are very big track fans in this household.  When the Men's 10K race came on, we were all in the living room, eyes to the television.  And what happened, NBC?  After about three laps around the track, NBC broke to a commercial(s).  It seemed to me that they never came back to the race, but about 60 seconds?  Yes, it might be all in my head, but really!  A 10K race is full of strategy, and just showing us the first few laps and the last lap and a half doesn't cut it.  I want the WHOLE RACE.  

Additionally, we-who-enjoy-Track&Field were eagerly anticipating last Saturday's 100M run with Usain Bolt.  Hell's Bell's and Little Fishes: NBC did not film it live.  They showed it that evening at 11:00 pm!  (After we all KNEW who had won, and after I had gone to bed anyway.)  BOO!  And according to news reports, the USA (read: NBC) coverage was the ONLY television coverage which opted NOT to show that historic race live.

This afternoon, the last day of Olympic Track & Field, there was to be a terrific race between some amazing, thrilling athletes.  The Men's 5K runners are a group that are beautiful runners, athletes, and seem to embrace all of the Olympic dream.  Well!  Our College Boy, also a distance runner, already had the race up and ready to view online, live from the BBC.  He (and we) were determined to see it live.  It was a fine race!  Afterwards, I walked into the living room to see NBC's olympic coverage of...the Women's ribbon dancing?  (I apologize to those out there who know the name of this gymnastic exercise.  I am sure that if my daughters were involved in this, I would be very excited to have it pre-empt some of the finest, most historic racing in history.)

I heard a piece on the radio this week, which mentioned that NBC perhaps was trying in its coverage to appeal to people who were not athletes, were not followers of a particular sport.  Interesting.  Why appeal to a non-sporting population to watch your athletic coverage?

That would be like some PBS station trying to make their quilting show attractive to deer hunters.  That would be like some gaming station trying to make their games appealing to the Amish.
That would be like some television station trying to make their sports coverage appealing to...non-athletes.

OK.  I have said enough.

Goodbye, London.

And tonight:  Please do enjoy the Perseid Meteor Showers!!

We have friends coming out tonight, to see them in our rural, bucolic, and dark sky.

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Melissa said...

And what was with that silliness we dubbed "BALLet"? You know, the event where the girls wearing ballet tutus dance around tossing red playground balls? I'm sorry, but that is NOT a sport! I was hoping for more Usain Bolt, too!

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