Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salad Night

No one seemed terribly famished at home tonight.  "No one" refers to that Spouse o' Mine, Graham the College Boy, Gillian the Grad School Grad, and me.

So...dinner is chicken salad (Graham requested Wedding Chicken Salad, and that's what we have), cole slaw, a terrific salad my Mom makes with iceberg lettuce and shrimp (and lots more!), and deviled eggs, thanks to the Indian Runners cavorting outdoors.

We are watching Downton Abbey tonight.  Although I have seen all the current series, others in the household are in the midst, and that's ok: I think this is a BBC series I could watch over and over again.  What a hit!

I am in the late summer doldrums and I hate it.  Hate the heat.  Hate staying inside because of the heat. Hate indoors.  Man!! I would NEVER make a good retiree in Sun City, AZ.  (Sorry, Aunt & Uncle...) 

On an upside, the very early mornings have been cool (read: 5:00 am: 56º), and so I have been up and at 'em.  The College Boy rototilled my garden for me (refer to a past post of The Power of Suggestion) and for that I have been tremendously grateful.  I planted an Autumnal Garden!  Who knows what will transpire.  We never have had such a blistering summer, and so I am anticipating an equally-warm and late autumn.  Who knows?  I planted a new crop of collard greens, lettuce, okra (because mine this hot, hot summer never made), kale (we love it!), and other fun things.

But still?  I am in a late-summer funk.  Hate it.

We're heading back to the mountains next week.  Maybe that will shake the sillies out of me...  

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