Sunday, April 15, 2012

W is for...

Sunday weather:
Winds: 32 mph. Gusts: 45 mph.

One can't hope to arrive at church looking remotely "put together" in gale-force winds.

Especially after arising at 5:00 am to join house guests in breakfast.

How about those collegiate cyclists, with their balancing acts in this wind?
Let's all try to ride our skinny-wheeled road bikes with the wind knocking us at every angle.

(Daughter Claire, former K-State Wildcat cyclist)
We saw a lot of road rash today.
(Cyclist lingo for raw, scraped legs and arms, from skidding across concrete.)
(Cyclists shave their legs in order to make gravel removal a little easier.)

I planted 5 new banana trees yesterday.
Before the big winds.
They look fairly shredded today.

One of my peacocks blew away.
He must be up in Nebraska or South Dakota by now.

And we did not have a tornado.
But that 3:00 am storm most certainly woke up the entire household.

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