Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To: kids:

Help your mother NOW!!!!!!!

Gill: I found your DVD player (2nd drawer of the drawers in Graham's closet: I suspect you placed it there for safekeeping.)

To all four: After I found G's DVD player last night, I set it up in Graham's room. Downton Abbey was calling. But I got it set up and I could not get it to show on the TV. I changed the channel w/ my clicker, from #3 to 4, 78, and every number inbetween.

There was an additional piece of equipment in the 2nd drawer of the drawers, which had some wiring connects to it. Do I need to use this as well? Where do I put it? And if so, where do I put the DVD wiring/connects?

Why aren't any of my kids here to help me? Why do I need any of my kids here to help me? It's not like I broke a hip or anything. I am too young for help from my kids.

Dang! this technology business.

PS - I went and heard a lecture from the US Secretary of Agriculture this morning: Mr. Tom Vilsak. (FYI, my mind is not doddering away just yet. But give me a leg up on this DVD biz, s'il vous plaƮt.)

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