Thursday, April 19, 2012

Morning Excitement

I am in Breckenridge this week. I am meeting with the affianced couple and we are getting some of the plans underway for the summer wedding. Tomorrow, my future son-in-law drives into Denver to pick his mother up at the airport, and they will return here for the weekend.

I anticipated this weekend to be very fun (and it still will be), but I arrived to the house to see it "wrapped". That is to say, there are workmen staining the exterior of the house this week, taking advantage of some spring-like weather, and in order to do so, they have covered every window and glass door in plastic before they commence. I was hoping that the future mother-in-law would enjoy the panorama of mountains around the house, but such will not be the case. We could go out and sit in the driveway in the mornings and sip our coffee and watch the sun settle on the mountains, but it has been 19 degrees each morning this week, and who appreciates iced coffee first thing in the morning?

This morning I awoke before the sunrise, and saw that it had snowed in the night. As soon as it was light enough, I took some coffee upstairs to one of the remaining "unwrapped" windows of the house, opened it to look out onto the creek and forest in back of the house.

And I chanced to see something I have never seen before:
Dashing through the snow...
And so that simply made my morning coffee all the more exciting!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Moose! :) Enjoy your weekend, T! All's well here.

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