Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wedding Watch: Mother of the Bride

So the College Grad is affianced and looking forward to a July wedding in the Rocky Mountains.
We love our daughter, and we love her fiance. The wedding plans are coming along. Claire & Rich were engaged over the New Year weekend, and so that means they have 6 months to plan their wedding and reception. More than enough time, in my books. That Spouse o' Mine and I were engaged at T'giving, and married the first week of February. PLUS, he was in Egypt at the time, and I was in Connecticut. And our wedding was to be in Oklahoma. It worked, we loved it, and here we are 28 years later, happy as two clams in a sand bar.

I am so amazed at all the expectations television has put on weddings in this decade.
So sad. Ridiculous. Insipid.

Happily, the happy couple is sane in their wants and needs for the nuptials and reception plans. I would love to run it all by in my blog, but that would not be fair to the happy couple. Suffice to say: As of this week, the wedding venue is complete, the reception is pretty-well planned (lightning in summer Colorado is a fact, and so we have two back-up plans), the beautiful wedding dress has been got, a reception menu has been planned, the wedding cake is in stages...


Stay tuned, month-by month.

I see a celebration of love and family this summer.

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Louise Plummer said...

NOBODY liked the IKEA apple lingonberry. NOBODY.

Happy wedding planning!

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