Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Some time ago I chanced upon a (yet another) blog that I enjoy reading regularly. The writer is an American (Japanese American) who married and has lived 30 years in Japan. This time last year, she wrote about her experience with the earthquake and such. Very interesting!

How odd, I think, that to the week (nearly to the day) that Japan would experience another earthquake - not so great, but still 6.something, and bringing with it a small tsunami.

Today, rural Kansas saw what I define as hot. Hot by my definition is anything that raises the temperature in the house higher than 72º. was HOT today. (OK, OK, 86º outside.) I did turn on the AC for 30 minutes this afternoon...just to "take the edge off". I was a better person for it.

I swam 20 laps in the Rec Center pool today! That Spouse o' Mine tells me that is tantamount to one kilometer. (He's a metric man.) So by the time he returns from Australia, I should be up to at least three or four kilometers. Ha! Well....we will see where this goes. Suffice to say, I am enjoying the aquatic activity, save for that old lady yesterday who told me I should not kick her (we were sharing a lane), because she had just had spinal surgery. REALLY?! Spinal surgery?! I wanted to tell her to go swim during the "off hours" so that she would not have to share a lane. But nice lady that I am (hurrumph), I smiled (sort of) and said, "I am NOT going to be kicking you." And then we shared the lane, without further conversation. And today, I made it a point to arrive during the "off hours" so that I would not have to share a lane. And I raced the man in the next lane, who was doing the freestyle, I was doing the sidestroke, and I BEAT him. He didn't know we were racing...

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