Friday, March 16, 2012


I thought this afternoon, that irritating Rantings might as well follow happy Ramblings.

But there is only one thing I would like to address this afternoon, in Rantings:

"No problem!"


If I give you money for merchandise or service, and I say "Thank you", the response should absolutely NOT BE "No problem".

Anyone who uses this phrase should IMMEDIATELY take it out of your vocabulary.

If I am at restaurant, or a coffee house, or grocery store, or anywhere anyone else is waiting on me, and I tell that someone waiting on me "Thank you", I had better not hear a "No problem!" response.

You bet it's not a problem! I am here purchasing merchandise and service and you better believe it is not a problem if I ask for the check, or tell you "Thank you".

What an idiot response.

1 comment:

Gill said...

You should send your rant to whatever business manager needs to hear it.

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