Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday 13

What a fine day this has been, Sunday, 13 December '09!

That Spouse o' Mine and I were joined by all THREE of our college kids for church this morning.  This was such a blessing - I love having my kids in church with us. 

After church we rushed home to change into normal clothes, and went down to the Downey Ranch (our neighbors) to take a CPR refresher course.  Mind you, we live in a rural Kansas area.  The more people to take these courses, the better.  So, yay for the people who spent their Day of Rest, refreshing and learning.  

Immediately upon our return home from CPR, we gathered family and friends, and hiked out to our pasture and beyond, to find the Least Ugly Tree (see previous posts).  Well, we found it.  And our neighbors found theirs!  Yay!  We trudged home in the snow, two trees in tow, followed by two horses and one high-adventure cat.

So then, we found ourselves staring into two Christmas greeting card boxes.  As yet unsent.  Now...I have to tell you, for many, many years, I have sent first, New Years' cards, and then Valentine's cards to friends and family.  For many reasons, Christmas cards just never happened in our family.  But this year, the "Empty Nest Year", I can can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I think I can get Christmas cards sent!!! What a joy! 

Tonight, while That Spouse o' Mine began broiling our lamb chops for dinner, I set our college kids at the table, and we round-robined a kabillion cards to each other, with seperate greetings from each of us, and now I am preparing to address each of these cards.  It was a fun time. Some names were tossed about to rekindle happy thoughts and relations and experiences.  We had a good family evening.

More holiday...tomorrow!. 

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