Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

I contend that even though it is 13º and WINDY,  I prefer to be outdoors in this season more than a hot, nasty, windy August day.  Today was pushing it a bit, though, in the wind chill category.  I rarely pay attention to such measurements (windchill), but this afternoon, I was chilled to the bone, even in my snowmobile suit, hat, gator, gloves, and arctic boots.

The Boy is home from college, and mid-afternoon, I heard the front door shut.  I looked out in time to see him running out the front gate and down the road.  In the wind and the snow and the 13º temperature.  He returned after 7 miles, and did not look altogether serene and happy.  He made a beeline for the shower.  I thought to myself that his running outdoors was not at all wise, but then thought to myself, He is an adult, and he will figure things out for himself.  After his shower I mentioned to him that I had gotten him a pass for the Rec while he was home.  I betcha he uses it tomorrow.

The aforementioned Christmas cards are signed and sealed and ready for delivery!  A first for me in about a decade.  I've gotten a few Christmas presents, have quite a few more to go.  But...I have a week and a half.

More holiday...tomorrow! 

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