Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Changes in Temperature, Menus, and Music

Wowee: 24º this afternoon!  I hauled out my fluffy snowsuit to take the dogs out for their run and deal with the other animal logistics in the yard.  Dogs, cats, and ducks all get heated water bowls in temps like this.  Used to be, back in our equine years, the ponies, too, had heaters in their water.  Even with electricity, we humans have be vigilant and make sure all the bowl and tanks are full-functional, morning, noon, and night.  Lows later this week are forecast to be colder, much colder.  But, we may get snow, and that makes everything just perfect in my books.

The kitties will be allowed into our mudroom tonight.  Each cat has an old bed pillow, each with CAT scrawled with a Sharpie pen on both sides, lest some human confuses one as a human pillow.  (How that could possibly happen, I do not know, but I like to assume that anything is possible in this household.)

Our Christmas tree (branches) made it as far indoors as the mudroom, and so it looks like some pine forest with CAT pillows strung about.  Somehow this day got away from Christmas tree up yet.  Maybe tomorrow while the plumber comes to pay a call.

I went out to lunch with a few friends today.  We visited a new restaurant.  The menu looked inviting, but also a bit confusing.  We four were given four little plates - just a wee bit larger than saucers.  Our waitress explained that we would not be ordering entrees, but rather small offerings from the menu - she recommended that we each order three things from the menu.   We four would then share - not unlike sharing at an Asian restaurant.  The orders would not all come to our table at once, but would arrive when each was was cooked and prepared.  It was a bit puzzling, but we four were game.  We were not given serving utensils, so we agreed to "serve" ourselves with our butter knives.  The food was terrific.  I think we four were on our best manners - because if one ordered a plate of brussell sprouts, and the tiny plate holding eight sprouts came to our table, who wants to be the one to take an extra sprout over their portion?  (I will freely admit that I totally hogged the shrimp and grits, because I LOVE grits, and since Heidi is a vegetarian, that 4th shrimp was up for the offering, and the other two ladies were playing their Polite Cards.)  Well, the food was excellent, as was the service and the ambiance.  The menu?  Hmmm.

In view of our weather, I offer the following Christmas carol.  I like it, nontraditional as it is.  I can get silly in my head, watching the video of all the Brits in Royal Albert Hall singing in their best British accents, althewhile knowing that the song is probably BEST sung by some Jamaican street group accompanied by steel drums.  Nevertheless, who doesn't love hundreds and hundreds of folk singing their hearts out with a nice, nice Christmas carol?

Calypso Carol 

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