Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ain't That A-Rockin

I was listening to Christmas music today as I decorated our Christmas tree.  First, I must chortle once again about the "State of Our Christmas Tree".  It's a fake tree.  Some years we do real trees, some years fake. This year is Fake Tree year.  I hauled the fake tree out of the hayloft, hosed it down, and assembled it.

Sort of.

There are a few (Several?  Quite a few?) branches missing.

Whatever.  I have made do with that which I have on hand.  It looks tremendous in my eyes.  I love that each ornament has some sentimental meaning to my family.  Case in point:

The Christmas Cow.

Now, who couldn't love a 2nd Grader's Christmas Cow?  I have carefully kept this ornament, all 12" of it, for years and years.  I haven't decided if or when I shall surrender these ornaments to the original artists, our three kids.  They bring back memories of rocking babies, reading bedtime books, listening to funny stories.  Explaining why a toy brought from Santa said "Made in China" on it instead of "Made by Elves".  (I kid you not.  Thank you, little miss Gillian.)

Our tree is not a show piece of Lenox china or matching ornaments and ribbons and bows.  Ours is a masterpiece of years of fun and family.

Please enjoy today's Christmas Carol:
 Ain't That A-Rockin

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