Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pre-Dawn Jingles

Yesterday I scheduled a Skype conversation for this morning at 7:30 am with a customer from Chile.  That Spouse o' Mine and I have been waking up at 5:00 am, so I saw no need to set an alarm.  Wouldn't you know, today of all days, we woke up at 7:00 am?!

I jumped out of bed, scrambled around getting my laptop set up, (because I left it to the morning's task, thinking erroneously that I would have 2.5 hours to prep for this call...!), I cleaned off the desk area which would be seen in the Skype call (who wants to look like a disorganized yahoo first thing in the morning??) and wondered about the bags under my eyes and such, all before dawn and all before coffee.  Ugh.

An aside to this tale:
My Great Aunt Dee's Christmas Stocking, which I was given upon her passing:

   A very charming homemade Christmas stocking!  A really beautiful stocking which finds its place each year in my home.  It is really wonderful.

And here was Aunt Dee's admonishment to me:

OK, back to my morning Skype:

I got everything ready, was dressed and ready to roll, (except for my lipstick; WHERE was my lipstick?!) when I got an email from the customer, just minutes before my Skype call to him, saying he could not Skype this morning.

That was a total blessing.

Here's a carol called "Jingle Bell".

Kling Glockchen

Would that this happy little song would have been running through my head this morning, calming my uncaffeinated, pre-dawn nerves.  We rescheduled the Skype meeting for tomorrow morning.  Rest assured it will commence more calmly than this morning.

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