Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014: A Good Year: And Also With You

It's New Year's Eve, and I am setting up a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for my PC. It's nearly 2014.

Way back in 1988, we were a family of four. Two adults, one working on his PhD, and the other, working on her motherhood skills with two daughters under the age of three.  Back then, we also had an office with a computer. It had a very, very  slow DOS operating system. I do recall that I started learning about "email" that year. I didn't see its worth over a letter sent n the mail.  (And in 2013? I still LOVE a personal letter in my rural mailbox!)  My mother was so far beyond me in computer know-how.  She embraced the new frontier of computerland.  I eschewed it.  She was my To-Go person for all things Windows. She had all the answers!!  And if she did not know outright, she knew in a matter of a minute or so, where to find the answer.

It is incomprehensible how far the computer age has traveled in only a couple of decades.  But - not unlike the science of air travel, right?  Who, besides Da Vinci and probably a few more folk, could have seen the future of human flight?  And now, we have amazing aircraft that few could have imagined even half a century ago!

Do you wonder about the next fifty years?  I do.  I cannot imagine.  I hope that there is more good than bad. (Don't we all, each of our generations?)  I think there will be amazing medical advances, curing diseases on which we have not yet got a handle.  Amazing science discoveries.  I hope that there are amazing movements of peace and acceptance in the world, but I also hold a pessimistic thought, that peoples in the world will refuse to accept others.  Case in point just now, 2013 -  the Tibetan people in China. 

In fifty years...I think the United States is so young compared the rest of the world, it might suffer some in its government.  I don't like writing that.  I dearly hope that I am wrong.

So, well, here we are in rural Kansas; personally, our family is doing pretty darn well. 

And so, in world-wide terms, I can only utter,

"Thanks be to God."  "And also with you."

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