Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Tonight is daughter Gillian's last night here.  She is cooking Japanese for us! 

A quick recap:  Gillian finished her MA in Curatorial Studies in May.  In June, she left for parts Far East, to travel and teach in the Tibetan area of China.  From there, she headed back to Seattle, Breckenridge, and Richmond (VA), and then, in August, rural Kansas. 

(Whoop tie-doo.  Welcome back to rural Kansas, dearie.)

Through all this, she has sent out many a job application, and a job offer appeared not two weeks ago!

She swooped on the job offer, found an apartment, and tomorrow morning, she is headed to Kansas City for her first day at her "career" job, and moving into her apartment.  Yay, Gillian!

Gillian will have her own space - a great improvement, so she says, over her college years of living and dealing with roommates.  (Hmmm...maybe... - OK - I will not go there.  Just know that Gillian is an immaculate housekeeper, and I am not?)   

While Gillian was patiently awaiting her time in the kitchen this evening, the dishwasher repairman was visiting us for the third time in as many weeks, to repair my dishwasher.

I LOVE my dishwasher.  It is really, really quiet.  It cleans dishes CLEAN.  (I should send this blog to the Bosch people.) Such a conundrum, our repairman was frazzled.  But TONIGHT!!  He found the problem, and Bosch dishwasher is repaired, and that makes my kitchen livelihood appear SO MUCH ROSIER.

Sayanora, repairman.

Sayanora, my daughter.  Here's looking at a tremendous career.



Louise Plummer said...

Congrats to Gillian. I never had the experience of an apartment of my own. I think it's a good thing to do.
And Bosch is the absolute quietest dishwasher ever. Mine, which is not Bosch, sounds like it's roaring through the apartment on three legs. We turn it on when we leave.

twebsterarmstrong said...

We have a refrigerator that could rival your dishwasher. We should replace (everyone tells us this), but we continue to let it limp along; it cools and freezes just fine, so what's a little change in decibels, I ask you?

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