Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I was sitting outside just now, awaiting the moonrise.  I am learning all about my new camera and its possibilities and limitations.  The nice thing about digital cameras?  Instant gratification.  The GREAT thing about digital cameras?  You get "lesson learned", immediately.  The lens, the focus, the settings, blah blah blah.

Anyway - I am having a fun independent study in photography.  I did not wait for the moonrise, because I was hoping it would do so simultaneously with the glorious sunset and all-over sky hues: certainly a watercolorist's thrill.  It did not, and so I did not.

Here's what I enjoyed, however:

 Yep, Happy Halloween from Wabaunsee County, Kansas.

Here's a GREAT photo from the Lawrence (KS) Library:
And so, there we have it; Halloween.  Yippee!  Hoo-hah!

I have really nice memories of Halloween with our kids.  Funny costumes and whatnot.  The one year that stands out in my mind?  I wasn't even there.  That Spouse o' Mine and I took a business trip to Germany, and my parents took over in our absence. 

When we returned, son Graham, about five,  pulled me aside and whispered, "Mom.  I can read!"

And he could!!!  In the short time I was gone, my mother had taught that kid how to decipher letters, phonemes, and whatever it takes.   The boy was READING!!!

We were thrilled He was thrilled. 
Ah!  Life with family.  Life with generations...SUCH a blessing.

Just now?  On my porch?  A small bird flew in and perched not too far from me.  That's unusual.  But then: I heard the call:

An owl is hunting this early evening.  Hoo-hoo-hoo-hooo-oooh. Unmistakeable.  And he is in our yard.  No doubt looking for field mice or pack rats.  Nevertheless, I will haul in our three cats.

Nature.  Love it.  Hate it.. 


Louise Plummer said...

Years ago, a poet friend of mine and I were kayaking on the Northumberland Strait as the sun went down, and suddenly we saw the moon as well. We thought it was some kind of poetic miracle to see the sun and moon at the same time. We could not stop cooing about it.

Later, my astronomer friend put me straight: "Louise, that happens every month!"

Poets like to think nature works for them exclusively.

twebsterarmstrong said...

Louise, I am laughing out loud.

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