Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Break!

We had another of my nieces come to visit this past weekend.  Jenny was on her Fall Break from school, where she teaches Kindergarten.  Jenny lives in Oklahoma, and was so wonderful to drive the ~5 hours up here to rural Kansas to visit us.

(Doesn't she look like a young Meryl Streep?  We shouldn't mention, but that duck shat upon her just as this photo was taken.  I think Meryl Streep would have been JUST as photogenic in such a situation.)

We enjoyed Kansas City, lunching and shopping with Gillian, and Ethiopian cuisine.  A walk down to the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church (Google it).  Bike riding to the local cemetery where the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic victims were first laid.  (Google it.), feeding (and holding) ducks.  A Saturday night Lutheran church service for the Methodist girl.  And sh was game for a 4:30 am reveille to go outside and watch the meteor shower in the rural night sky.  (This was really pretty!)   Discussing politics and history and books and painting and quilting and...the list goes on and on.

Thank you, Niece Jenny, for spending your Fall Break in Wabaunsee County!

~ Auntie Tricia  

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