Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Green and Not-so-Green

This is my tomato garden.
Yes, that's right:
Tomato garden.

Note, below, the giant grasshopper
sitting on the giant horseradish leaf.
In the middle of my tomato garden.
You might also note the total lack of tomato leaves
(see: grasshopper)
And the presence of lawn.
Where there should be finely-weeded garden aisles.
(Even though I think to water it about once a week.)
But let's remember how closely I adhere
to my Darwinian Garden Rules,
and lookie here!

I am picking 6-21 tomatoes each morning.
It's like an Easter Egg hunt each morning!

I don't know if it matters,
but the tomato plants are some heirloom variety.

In other horticultural news,
This is a somewhat healthy pumpkin vine:

As opposed to several of the other vines sharing the patch out in the pasture:

Things are looking bleak for my entry in the Great White Pumpkin Contest.

But, for the record:
2 Valenciana White Pumpkins

Morning duck patrol,
fanning out for bug hunting:

I coddled the pumpkins to little avail,
and the Darwinian tomatoes are thriving in an odd way.
And even in our triple-digit month,
the wild and decades-old and established things
keep blooming as if it were springtime.

And finally, if you were ever wondering...


Melissa said...

Your tomatoes are doing MUCH better than ours - and we water every single morning! The cherry tomatoes are doing OK, actually, but the regular size tomatoes are barely hanging onto life. As for our pumpkins, we had one baby pumpkin but the heat got to it a couple of weeks ago. The vines are still healthy, so we are hopeful.

Claire Hilary said...

Yes, heirloom usually do better, at least for me. I was just watching a really good video on youtube on tomatoes. You should watch it:

Very informative, but you need to know what kind of tomatoes you have.

Im getting about 5 tomatoes a week, but mine is in a pot. Peppers are on their way now! All 20 plants! :)

I have seeds from the local farm. I am drying them and sending you and Gill some--peppers, cantaloupe, cucumber. And yes, they are heirloom. :)

twebsterarmstrong said...

I thought hybrids were hybridized to withstand heat, bugs, drought, et cetera. I thought heirlooms were more needy in the "needs" classification.

In any event, I's gots 'em.

Observation to whatever heirloom variety is currently thriving in my garden: the flavor is awesome. The peel is tough. The ribbing is pretty - not at all smooth Big Boy and whatever.

Gill said...

Everything is so GREEN there! I haven't seen real grass in forever it seems... everything here is either that desperately-trying-to-grow golf green look that only gets about 1/2" tall or Astroturf.

The ducks all look good too!

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