Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Do Love Me a Roundabout

We have a few roundabouts in Manhattan, Kansas.  They are easy to maneuver - as long as all the other drivers feel the same way.  Sometimes we have a Nervous Nelly who thinks all bad things are going to happen with the absence of stop signs, but for the most part, i have to say: Roundabouts is what it's all about!  (I should be in marketing?)  Back in our Egyptian days, we even had three and four-lane roundabouts.  That, though, I will have to say, was a bit willy-nilly.  In that I never drove in Cairo, I can't say for sure, but I relied heavily on prayer as my drivers did the work.  I came out at the end of that year, unscathed.

Ok.  So, if you read my last post, you will understand that my station wagon was smacked broadside late this summer.  Just after which, we. that Spouse o' mine and I, left for points south:


They drive on the left side of the road.

I don't.

I am driven on the left side of the road.  I always have been.

(Note: I love to be driven.  I always have loved being driven places.)

So, here we were, arriving in Brisbane just shortly after my unfortunate car accident by which the left side of my car was struck broadside by an idiot.

What happens, when one travels to Australia, where all the roundabouts travel in the opposite direction?  They run clockwise, instead of our American counter-clock-wise.  So, we were travelling clockwise, the oncoming traffic appeared in MY WINDOW, which caused me to SHRIEK for DEAR HEAVENS STOP!!! STOPP!!!!!  AGHHHHHHHH!

And for a brief second, that Spouse o' Mine would slam on the brakes, because he thought - well, he just thought I was dying.  I did, too.  But I thought it longer than he did and with far greater fear than he did.  And my foot was braking on the Aussie passenger side of the car.  I was a total wreck, for nearly three weeks of riding in Australia.  This is a small example of post-traumatic stress.  I was sure, each time a car entered the roundabouts with us, that I WAS GOING TO DIE!  Or, at least, the airbag was going to pop out again and hit me in the noggin.  Again.

Gues what happened when we returned to the United States and our roundabouts?  I was totally frozen.  Which way?  Which way?!!!  WHICH WAY???!!!

Have mercy.

It is October 26th, I think I have it down now.

Pitiful state of circumstances...

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