Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Things to Think About

 Today in:

1797: Charles Newbold patented first cast-iron plow.

1876: Custer's Last Stand.

1900: Walter Reed began the research that beat yellow fever.

1948: U.S. responded to Soviet blockade of Berlin with an airlift.

1949: Walter Baade discovered asteroid Icarus INSIDE orbit of Mercury.

1959: The St Lawrence Seaway opened, linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.

1968: Iwo Jima and Bonin Islands were returned to Japan by the U.S.

1978: First dedicated oceanographic satellite, SEASAT 1 was launched.

My middle-oldest brother Bob has a blog, and this is where I gleaned/mined/collected the fine gems of history noted above. 

Here is Bobby Boy's blog:

Yes, you can use the mnemonic device of, because that might possibly be how my brother picked his blog URL way back when.  My brother, he's a funny one.

They all are, all three brothers... 

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