Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fishermen in Bellingham Bay

Bellingham (WA) Marina is very large.  There's lots going on in the waterways of the Pacific Northwest.  Boat travel, whale watching, yachting, fishing, cruises to Alaska, shrimping, crabbing...you name it!  The marina is full of all shapes and sizes of boats: big 'uns and little 'uns, catamarans, little tugs, and giant "I Must be Rich" boats.

I am always fascinated by the fishing industry.  I was the greatest fan of The Greatest Catch several years ago - I even made the then-College Boy a nifty quilt which I named The Greatest Catch; he and I spent many summer hours watching that show!  (Now we, that Spouse o' Mine and I, have no TV to speak of.  We opted to cancel our satellite subscription last summer.  That's another story for another day...)

And so of course I was up before dawn, camera in hand, down at "the docks".




Louise Plummer said...

We should all live by the ocean, alas. I loved that you met a sniper in the airport. We met a waiter who had worked in Guantanamo. "Were you waterboarding?" I asked.

"I can't talk about that," he said.


twebsterarmstrong said...

Ughhhhh is right.

So, who knows what the man or woman we meet in any daily exchange must be dealing with?

Whoa! That's blog post for me!!

Stay tuned...

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