Saturday, June 07, 2014

Thinking in Cadences

Rain, rain, rainy-rain,
Thunder, thunder,

That apparently is our weekend in a nutshell.

Humid, humid,
Foggy glasses,
Moisture everywhere.

I put the window unit (air conditioning) into my upstairs art room this evening.  We have central AC, but the nitwit(s) who put in the venting - before our arrival to this abode - did  a bang-up job of incompetence.  Hence, a window unit.

Pork Loin,
Bubbles & Squeak,
Lunch in rural Kansas.

I am planning to clear out/ cook everything in my freezer this summer.

Tornados and basements,
Messes, both;
Address the situation...

Ugh.  Not only is our basement a crappy mess that looks like hoarders took over (did we?), but last week's plumber broke the bottom step (glad he was not injured, but could he PLEASE have mentioned it to me?!!!)

I'm a grand,
He's a grand,
And time keeps marching on...

Baby Jack, my grand-nephew, was baptized in Oklahoma today.  I was absolutely there in spirit.  I watched the clock:  4:00 pm.  He is my sister's grandson.  Barb would have been 62 this month.

Swallow, swallows,
Also lightning bugs.

This morning I spied a large hawk flying low and being chased by what looked like barn swallows.  One little bird attached itself onto the back of the hawk, and there he rode, pecking the neck of the hawk for quite some time.  I did have a camera in the car, but thought better of stalling 4-lane traffic for a photo-op.  Really, though, this little bird took an extended ride on the hawk's back. 

Last night we drove home from a concert in town (town: Manhattan, KS), and here in dark, rural Kansas, the lightning bugs were amazing.  I have never seen such activity - it looked like a Disney animated movie out in the woods.  So pretty, and witnessed by so few.

~ T.

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Melissa G said...

Where's the LIKE button? :D It has indeed been a rainy weekend. We spent part of ours hiking around Mt Mitchell. Dale was leery of poison ivy, so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked. Plus, I think he was hungry. We saw you waving from your upper room the other day!

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