Thursday, January 02, 2014

January, Day Two

It is 13º outside, with snow on the ground, and no wind.

No wind is the operative word.  Yesterday's 18º and 14 mph north wind told us a much different story - especially walking and running back to the house in that old north wind.  I have always poo-poo-ed a "wind-chill factor", because the insipid weather TV folk make such a big durn deal of it. But, yes, there was a real wind chill on the only exposed parts of my body during yesterdays' walk-run.  Only my eyes and eyebrows were exposed to the windy temps yesterday during my 5K walk-and-then-some-run, and I have to tell you: last night my eyes stung and were bloodshot. 

Bleak midwinter.

Note to self: renew that University Rec Center pass.  Needs are needs; that Spouse o' Mine is grumpy...

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