Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Honeymoon Queries?

There was some rag question on Facebook today, asking, "Where did you go on your honeymoon and would you go there again?"

Ah, our honeymoon...Our 30th Anniversary (yes, until last week I thought it was our 29th, but the daughter of my great friend Karen set us (me) straight: I have been happily-married for thirty long years of wedded bliss, and my friend Karen, mother to the number-cruncher, celebrated her 29th Anniversary just a week or two ago.  (Karen & I had the tote board at 28 {her} and 29 {me} years.

Hey!  (I told that Spouse 'o Mine upon inquiry), "Time flies when you're having fun."
And we are.  Flying high. 
This time, thirty years ago (Aw, REALLY?!!) saw us counseling with our pastor.  My enjoying two bridal showers.  (I still blush to think of the really filmy negligĂ©e my sister Barb gave me, to the delight of the married church women in presence.  Now, I can laugh like one of them...)

As to our honeymoon?  Glorious.  (Yep, yep, in more ways than the obvious.)  We spent two days in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before flying to Rome, Italy.  We spent two days there, and then on a train bound for the Alps in Austria:

Where did you go on your honeymoon and would you go there again?

Oh, yes.  Yes.  Austria and Rome is where to go. We shall do it again. 

We spent a few days in Austria, experiencing high snowfall and skiing and and avalanches, before we made our way back to Rome and finally, Cairo, Egypt:
My Home-Away-From-Home for the next twelve months.  A very difficult year, but we survived and loved almost all of our newlywed year.  After all - aren't most newlyweds faced with trials and tribulations? Ours were less-financial and much more cultural.    


Louise Plummer said...

You had a much finer honeymoon than most. We spent ours at Bear Lake a couple of hours north of Salt Lake. We stayed in the Sterling Motel for $6.00 a night. It rained and we left early to go home and paint our apartment before summer school started.

It was all very fine--fifty years this June. I made a good choice and so did he.

mawlenduh said...

Innsbruck would be wonderful! (I often tell Josh this). Happy 30 years!

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