Saturday, January 18, 2014

Eagles and Births

Pooh.  Still no photo opps on Blogger.  The issue is wide-spread, and the solutions are not, in my case, working.  But here they are for fellow photo enthusiasts who would like to have a go:

1. Change your browser Google Chrome.  This is not bad, not bad at all; I switched over a few months ago.  Google Chrome is fine.  Somehow, though, I missed the boat as to how to sync my bookmarks, and I do have me a major list of bookmarks at my former browser, and so until I figure out my bookmarks (because I love them, all 1000 of them), I will hold off on this move for a bit.

2. Switch to HTML setting on Blogger. Again, not a bad move at all.  Unfortunately, for me, this did not solve the problem.

3. Upload your photos onto Picasa, and then upload them to your blog.  I opted out of ths for numerous reasons, but for no, the MAIN reason is...why have two more computer steps in my day??

And so, as it is, I will describe my day without photos.  Pics would surely be nice, but here goes:

I went out to a lake not too far from home (~ 35 miles), and went bald eagle hunting.  With a camera, silly, not a gun.  I saw lots of bald eagles over-wintering, and they are so big and pretty.  No wonder they are our national bird.  They deserve it.  And their nests are HUGE.  I am going to return to the lake soon and see what's up. 

Today is my Dad's birthday.  I called him bright and early this morning to tell him Happy Day.  And also to tell him that I was purchasing a chunk of box elder wood for him.  Because that's what every Dad wants for a birthday present, right?  Dad replied that he wanted no presents.  And I countered with, OK, so it's a President's Day gift, OK?  Again, who wouldn't  LOVE box elder for a gift, I ask? 

(When Blogger gets their act together, I shall post some lovely things my Dad does with wood.)
Wait a minute; I can still post a link, right?  Here is my Dad's sculpture:

Also a birthday boy is my Kiwi nephew-in-law (my niece's newlywed husband).  He's been in our family for years, but last summer they threw a humdinger of a wedding party in the Rocky Mountains, and now he is stuck with us forever.  I kind of like that.  He is a photographer/videographer, doing all things wild and woolly around the world.  Happily, his latest escapade, Digital Nomad, can be viewed here:  (And he is the talent behind the camera.)

And that's all I have to say this evening.  Sukiyaki is a' callin'.

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Melissa said...

I have recently transferred bookmarks to Google Chrome, so can show you how. Give me a call sometime.

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