Friday, November 29, 2013


It's that sound, that anticipation, that one feels on a roller coaster: the roller coaster clickety-climbs,...and climbs...and climbs...

The anticipation: "Omigosh, when will we go?  When will it go down?  When will it speed around the corner and fly out of control?"

And before we know it - off we go!  Into an amazing launch (for some) of hilarious ups, downs, fores, afts, leans, to and fro.   And for some, an amazing launch of stomach-queezing, long-enduring, brain-squeezing hours and days.

Hooray!  (for the former folk, anyway...)

Holiday season!

And for the latter?

So sorry.  The New Year is just around the corner, though.  Peace be with you.

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