Monday, November 11, 2013

My Own Harvest

The forecast is a low of 15º tonight, and more of the same tomorrow night.  Time to address the autumn garden.  This morning I went out and picked the bok choy, the butter lettuce, collard greens, and half of the French radishes.  Boy, I hope we really, REALLY like French radishes, because we have enough to keep us going though Thanksgiving and Christmas, and well into the New Year.

I kept the fennel, cilantro, and dill in place.  Someday I'd like to have a huge cold frame, but in the meantime, I will utilize sheets and plastic, and see how far I can extend their season.  

 Volunteer birdhouse gourds.  Beau the Bloodhound picks one off daily to play with.

This is not a game of Peekaboo, but rather a moment of "Who Trusts Whom".


Gill said...

Beau and Martin are so cute!

I'm looking forward to radishes.

Louise Plummer said...

Always love seeing your harvest.

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