Friday, November 15, 2013

New Millennium Population

I looked at a photo of a teeny, tiny newborn today - the son of an acquaintance, born across yonder Big Pond just this week.  The photo is exquisite.  No silly frou frou or bows or backdrops or anything.  Just a great photo of this babe's face.  I was mesmerized.  I could look at this photo for hours and hours, pondering his baby-ness, and his wise elder-hood, some many decades from now.  What will he learn in Third Grade? And as a Senior in High School, what will he know about technology?  And history?  About friendship and trust? And religion?

This kid is indeed a tabula rasa (blank slate).  What his parents and elders lay upon him is great.  I hope they fulfill him with Nature.  Humor.  Creativity.  My plan would be lots of Christianity.

His tiny closed eyes: I hope they open wide to the nature around him, and he holds that dear and close.  I hope he looks behind him for lessons, and forward to improvement of his life and of this world.  I hope this little tyke embraces all the changes that, perhaps, I will not ever know.  In 1903, the Wright Brother made their first "powered' flight .  (They had gliders going way earlier than the "powered" airplane.)  And fast-forward into our new millennium, there are reaches to Mars.  Imagine that.  My childhood embraced the Moon Walk.

And so, I look at this babe, this photo, and think: "I will never know."

Such a great thing, babes.

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Louise Plummer said...

And if we could only bottle that new baby smell.

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