Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Bunny Saga: Ch. 2: Beau and the Bunny

I was all set to write about the return of the barn swallows today, but that will keep for another day. Today I will continue with the Bunny Saga:

There's a bunny nest in my vegetable garden.  Read Ch.1 HERE.  

This afternoon that Spouse o' Mine volunteered to till my cutting garden and vegetable garden.  Yay!  Brownie Points for him!  He mentioned that he might mow the chickweed in the vegetable garden before he tilled.  Off he went.  Very, very soon, he returned to the front yard where I was raking leaves and putting them in the compost, prepping the shade garden for another summer of hot, hot shade.  He said, "There's a whole lot of baby bunnies all over your garden."


Apparently, when he went to mow, the now-weeks-old bunnies panicked: flight for safety!!  That Spouse o' Mine shut off the mower before he had any fatalities on hand.  So he and I decided to wait a few days before rototilling.  If the bunnies are that agile, they will soon be moving out of their nest.
Yesterday evening I let the pups out for their evening romp.  We've had a fair amount of rain, and the creek is running.  The bloodhound is taking full advantage of it, swimming and swooshing along, taking his morning and evening adventures a step further into wild and wooliness.  Last night when he returned to the dog yard, he held in his mouth a rancid leg of dead animal.  I don't know what it was, but it was gross and it smelled really bad.  It's times like that that I ask myself, and anyone else who wants to listen to my musings, Why does any dog owner/lover allow their dog to lick their (the human's) face?  Really.  It's gross.  Our dogs lick their nether regions and haul in rancid pieces of unknown animals, and they eat coyote poop out of the pasture, too.

Beau likes to mouth things:

 Tonight I was walking around the yard and pasture looking for that Spouse o' Mine.  I walked past the dog yard, and I saw Beau the Bloodhound holding what looked like the last remnant of rancid dead animal leg in his mouth.  "Beau, that is REALLY gross," I said.

But then I saw what was really in his mouth.

A baby bunny.


Beau was just walking around the yard with a bunny in his mouth.

Actually, the hind-end of a baby bunny.  The front end was sticking out the front of Beau's drooly mouth, no doubt in total shock.

And Beau just kept walking...walking...walking...

"Beau! Drop!"

And he did.

Baby bunny fell to the ground, seemingly all right, but unable to move - probably in shock.

Here's baby bunny before I returned him to the nest in the vegetable garden:


Gill said...

Aww, it's so cute!

Louise Plummer said...

I love these bunny sagas.

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