Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye, May!

May was a very nice month, I thought.  Complainers complained about the cool weather and Boo-hoo: I could only smirk.  Those folks have short term memory of last year.  And the year before: no spring whatsoever, jumping from Cccold winter to Hhhot summer.  I think last year I turned my AC on in April. (But then, I am a delicate flower.)

May seemed to be a month of purple.  Purple irises, purple pansies, purple clematis.  It was a royal month of color!  I am not sure what this unwanted weed is, in a local wheat field (vetch, perhaps?  Someone help me out here.)  but as far as my eye is concerned, I can thank my lucky stars (of course, God), that this particular weed is so, so pretty.  It makes me think of Provence every time I drive into town.  The wheat farmer must suffer a heart attack every time he drives into town.

The road out front of our house is still closed (a highway, no less.).  It's been nine months, what the bridge folk anticipated.  I have no problem at all with the road in front of our house being closed: less traffic (MUCH!), and less noise.  Less rural Kansas dust.  I realize this creates a hardship for my neighbor farmers and ranchers, but this is my blog, and HEY!  I like the closed road.

Bad ducks:

I had coffee with a few of my coffee friends this morning.  A gardening conversation came up, and one friend mentioned that her mulch had been delivered.  Wha...????  Just a few days ago a neighbor (a farm/ranch neighbor, who employs farm/ranch hands!!) mentioned that her landscaping crew had delivered AND spread her mulch for her gardens this week.


Hmmmm.  Hmmmmmm!

I trekked to Home Depot this week, as is my annual thing, purchased a kabillion bags of mulch, hauled the  !*^/?+*!!  bags on a trolley to my car and proceeded to blithely (yes, not a care in my world) throw them into the back of my Volvo station wagon.  As though I had biceps of Popeye, I might add.  And THEN slitted/cut all the bags and tossed the mulch ever-so-easily to the gardens.

And then I find out my coffee ladies have this all done for them?  What the heck?!

The month of March held Family March Running: a mile-a-day of running or walking.  And then, in May, we held 400-Mile May:A month of cycling, 100-mile weeks.  Four (out of 64?) family members made it to 400 miles, as of this evening.  Starting tomorrow, we 64+ are embarking on Mile-a-Day June.  It should be a good time had by all.  We keep daily tabs on Facebook, and they are happy and encouraging and challenging.

That Spouse o' Mine, completing his 400: (He's so cute.)

Several weeks ago (many?), the neighbor cat went under our house to deliver her three kittens.  They stayed underground for a few weeks, and then the neighbors came over to collect said feline infants and their momma.  Cute kitties!  So cute, in fact...

The New Kit on the Armstrong Block.  No name, so far.  Noname?  NoNahmeh?  Nonami?  Stay tuned...Oh - and mincker suggestions are being collected.  Thank you very much. 

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Louise Plummer said...

Henbit or purple deadnettle. I loved this foray into wheat weeds.

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