Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Day...Last Few Days!

Omigoodness, the roses are blooming and the peonies - MY FAVORITE - (I have told my kids to plant them at my grave site...but I guess that will be hard to do since I think my ashes are to be made into fireworks) are tremendous this evening.

This evening, from whence the next ~96 hours of thunderstorms and tornadoes are to come. 

Ha ha ha!!  Come what may, I say.  I think the forecasters are trigger-happy after Moore's catastrophic afternoon.  That is so sad, and I do not make light of weather and tragedy, at all.

But I DO make light of the hyperactive forecasters and storm chasers.  They are on caffeine and speed and all those other drugs to which I am not privvy.  They talk too fast and they run their words together.  And they do not always use proper grammar.  Especially pronouns.  And adverbs!  Especially, adverbs!

We, that Spouse o' Mine and I, had a really nice three-day weekend for Memorial Day.  We didn't do anything.  Saturday, I cut irises for the church altar.  Sunday, that Spouse o' Mine and I hosted the Patio Fellowship after church (read: Lutheran coffee).  And we came home, it was HOT, and so I stayed inside the rest of the day.

I went upstairs to address the art room:  Many starts, and not so many completions.  I found a perennial movie favorite of mine (my family is SOooo tired of this one!!!)  "A Year in Provence", turned it on, and proceeded to quilt the day away.

It was lovely.

Inbetween Provence, I watched the cycling championships on TV with that Spouse o' Mine.  We loved it.  So nice to see new names - not all the stale "Le Tour" names which also come up wanting in the "doping" balances.

Anyway: A great weekend was had.

And here comes summer!.................

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Louise Plummer said...

Bring on summer. I'm ready.

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