Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eastern Seaboard Runaround: Due North:

After four days of non-stop activity at Hilton Head, the newlyweds and I hopped in their car and headed north, back to Richmond, VA.  The drive "home" didn't seem nearly as fun as the drive down south had been at the start of our long weekend.  Norman Rockwell comes to mind.  No kids in the car...though I felt like the grandmother in the back.  I sure hope I did not look the part!  Instead of kids, we were traveling with four banana trees.  The newlywed daughter takes after her mother, apparently.  The newlywed son-in-law was skeptical about traveling with two females, two bikes and four banana trees in the car, but we assurred him that it could be done.
On the seven-hour drive north, we noticed that the majority of cars and Winnebago-type vehicles came from Canada.  How about that?  Snowbirds to Florida, no doubt.

Jiggety-jig: planting banana trees:

The next morning in the wee hours of predawn, I was delivered to the Richmond airport: headed north to Boston (I thought I was doing the newlyweds a favor by booking my flight before  they were off to work so that they wouldn't have to take time off to take me to the airport, turns out it was Claire's day off, and so she and I arose at 3:30 am to get me to the airport by 4:00 am.  Oops.)

Off to Boston!  Which, if you have been following this trip, you have already read about my Bostonian experience(s):
Just Sadness
Spectating, post-Marathon

And on to Cape Cod, and daughter Gillian...

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Louise Plummer said...

The grandma sitting in the back, or the mother-in-law sitting in the back: we all become that person, the one with the car seat or the banana trees.

I loved the beach pics.

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