Saturday, March 02, 2013

We Are Family

Facebook has a Running page I follow.  This week, it came up with a Run a Mile a Day in March.  I thought that sounded easy enough, and so I "joined" the group.  And I "invited" lots of family and friends to do the same.

This morning, my niece Amy decided to take it a step further (and she accuses me of being an overachiever!!) and she created a Family March Running event, and sent it out to Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, and family friends.

As I say, we are nothing if not competitive.

The deal is to run one mile each day.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles.  Today, that Spouse o' Mine and I ran 5 miles.  Let me clarify: that run had some walk going on in it.  Just to be CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Some of the young bucks of the family have gone online, lamenting their 7-minute miles and such.  Pooh-pooh.  My two miles were thus: a twelve-minute mile out and a thirteen-minute back.  This afternoon, I think my miles averaged fourteen or fifteen minutes.

But the fun of the deal is just that: we are having fun.  Family fun, even though we live hundreds and perhaps thousands of miles from each other.  That song in your head?  "We Are Family..."   

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