Monday, March 18, 2013

Hope Springs

It's that time of year: the early morning sun just skims the hardwood floors and kitchen floor...highlighting the dust and crumbs that winter grey hid so well.

But, on a more-positive note, the wheat is looking all pretty and emerald out in the fields.

After two summers of drought, I told myself (and anyone who would listen) that I didn't want to plant ANYTHING this summer.  Too hot, too dry, too dusty.

But I find myself perusing the seed catalogs and garden sites online.

That Spouse o' Mine brought out the chainsaw this weekend and cut down the two once beautiful, now-dead willow trees out of our back yard.

But he says we will replace them this spring.

Playing Bocce underneath the willows:



Claire Hilary said...

Was it the drought that took the willows? My strawberries are currently 4 inches under water. Yikes. Let me know what seeds you need. I have too many. Might just send you some anyways.

twebsterarmstrong said...

Yes. The drought.

Louise Plummer said...

Wow, it's spring in Kansas. How can you not look at the seed catalogues?

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