Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stay-at-Homes, and other...

That Spouse o' Mine is out of town tonight, and so I am on my own as to what to do with myself this evening.  There's Indian cuisine on the menu, and some cello practicing to be done.  And then...I don't know: quilting, painting, reading...oh, there are too many options to behold!

Beethoven is playing in my head...I am quite sure everyone in my family has music running in their head at all times, and I don't know why that is, but we do.  And tonight, in mine, it's Beethoven.  It's like an iPod which God instilled in us at birth.  It's a good blessing, to be sure.  It's really odd, though, sometimes, when a tune is right there in my head and I cannot discern it, and cannot shake it.  But it's right there in my head, to be sure.  One day last week, it was Wagner.  And Wagner is difficult music to be roaming about in one's head. 

I had lunch with a fun friend this afternoon.  We talked about a Bible study she is going to.  (I started one such study, eager and enthusiastic, but the study entailed a whale of a video each week, and at 50+ years, I acknowledge that some 40 years ago, I could well have been diagnosed Attention Deficit, the video portion of the Bible study was difficult for me to sit through...and I digress...)

What came up from this conversation was a memory of 21 years ago.  I was a mother of two young daughters, and was home on maternity leave from TransWorld Airlines with my newborn baby boy.  He was six months old when I was to return to work, and I opted to "retire".  I was happy to stay home with my kids.  The hard part?  The most irritating, disgraceful part of this decision?  When I would go to a function with my post-doc husband, and someone would ask me, "What do you do?" and I would innocently reply, "I am a Stay-at-Home Mom."

The inquisitor would then very abruptly turn and move on to another person at the gathering.  I did not exist.  I did not have a brain or a conversation to exchange.  So they thought...

This still rankles me, now in my 50s, because I know full-well that "Stay-at-Home" Moms have
A) common sense
B) College degrees
C) or not!  Maybe just great women who are valuable people!!!

And now, I am off to enjoy my Indian cuisine.
Sans that Spouse o' Mine.


Louise Plummer said...

Yes, that dismissive turn of the head used to rankle me too.

If I wanted a class on the Bible, then videos wouldn't cut it with me either. Texts. I want texts.

twebsterarmstrong said...

I wants texts too.

Additionally, what I really want this year, and am having to do a DIY, is the Biblical geography vs. the current events from the Middle East and Africa.

And now we Lutherans have Lent, and Lent to me is drearie. My sister used to call me and announce that she was giving up Lent for Lent. So with her on that...

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