Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Eve

Well, we've had our fair share of snow this week - much needed in this, our third year of drought conditions.  Last weekend I drove five hours south to Oklahoma to visit my parents.  The farm and ranch ponds between here and there are frightfully low or completely dry.  I don't know how much our 7" of snow will make in a thirsty herd's watering hole, but hopefully we will have more of the same in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow is the Academy Awards.  Are?  I think that is grammatically correct: tomorrow are the Academy Awards.  Some channel on TV is showing old movies which were Oscar winners.  Late this afternoon that Spouse o' Mine and I watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? with Sydney Poitier, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.  What a TERRIFIC movie.  Filmed in 1967, Civil Rights era, it examines bi-racial marriage.  And interestingly, Spencer Tracy died 18 days after filming this movie.  What the two of us remarked several times during this movie was what very great actors there were in this movie!  And no special effects (e.g., no Mission-Impossible-Blow-'Em-Ups and so on...)  Very simple sets, and the whole story revolved around conversations between people.  (Are we correct in thinking that this was a play before becoming a movie?)  I have to say: Two hours well-spent!

After the movie, in the dark, yet in the full-moonlight, we two strapped on our XC skis and headed out for some moonlight skiing.  Pitch dark but for the near-full moon, we could see our shadows and the snow even glittered in the dark, by the light of the silvery moon!

It's been a terrific Saturday evening.

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Louise Plummer said...

I've been hearing about snow in the midwest and glad you got some of it. Skiing in the moonlight sounds delightful. And GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER is just the best.

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