Thursday, February 28, 2013


Gray, grey, gray, grey.  Thank goodness there was snow this week and last.  I don't like mud days, particularly, and that's where we are right now: gray mud days.

Fun news is that daughter Gillian has accepted a museum job on Cape Cod.  This means that she will pull up stakes (she is very, very, very good at this) and head east.  How did this transpire?  She finished her Masters degree in Museum Studies last May, and promptly headed to China for the summer.  Upon her return she began looking for jobs.  Museum jobs.  The job outlook was bleak.  Her fellow Grad grads began taking jobs at county historical societies, at sightseeing areas, at Wal Mart, and so on.  Gillian DID get two part time museum jobs in Kansas City, at which she has worked for six months.  Neither was at all calling her name, but she bided her time, allthewhile sending out one hundred museum job applications.

In January she came home and announced to her father and me that she was planning to move to the East Coast.  There, even without a job at the onset, she would be nearer many more museums than here in the Midwest.  Girl had a strong point.  We agreed with her.  The next week, she applied (one of the 100, I suppose) to a museum on Cape Cod.  They called her the next day: would she take an interview?  And so she did, and they hired her right then and there.

A moral to this story?  Sometimes it takes 100+ applications to get anywhere, I guess.  Keep on keeping on, I guess.  Hunker down and pray, I guess.

Here's to daughter Gillian!


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